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Web Site Design and Development

At SSR Technologies, we believe that the key to an effective website is the design. We begin by finding out everything we need to know about your business, your business objectives and chalk out a content strategy. Once the content has been outlined, we design our website to effectively organize the content so that your customer can reach the desired web page easily. In short, we make sure that your website is interactive, dynamic and engaging.


We will provide you with a highly customizable, turn-key ecommerce solution that will be designed using today's cutting-edge technology, infrastructure, and marketing features needed to set up and operate an online store quickly and cost-effectively.

Application Development & Maintenance

SSR Technologies has a proven track record of providing custom application development and maintenance services to its clients in various industries, with the ability to handle large enterprise systems and provide cost effective on time support.

We provide both end-to-end solutions - from requirements gathering to application maintenance - and specific design and development expertise. Our development teams have the ability to understand the business processes and record them using our own Software Requirement Specification template by utilizing the end user interview process. Once the requirements are defined, they get passed to an independent inspection team for detailed review.

Dedicated Offshore Technology Center

SSR Technologies offers its customers an option of having a ‘Dedicated Offshore Technology Center’ to augment their IT capabilities by providing access to our talented professionals as well as our state-of-the-art software engineering facility. The dedicated center works as a virtual extension of the customer’s project team. The Offshore project team accesses the customer’s systems through the Virtual Private Network (VPN). SSR Technologies uses its experience in setting up the center ensuring a smooth knowledge transfer and replicating the development environment, if required. SSR Technologies manages the resources, infrastructure, projects and deliverables from the Offshore Team.

Product Lifecycle Management

SSR Technologies Offshore Delivery Model for Product Development enables product companies to reduce their cost of product development dramatically while keeping a control on the product architecture. It also enables easy ramping up and ramping down of product teams based on business priorities.

Offshore IT Staff Augmentation

SSR Technologies offers hassle-free and reliable offshore IT staff augmentation services. When it comes to setting up an offshore team we believe in the ideal equation; productivity of the offshore team equal to that of an internal or on-shore team. Also the efforts consumed in setting up and maintaining this offshore team must be minimal alongside the prime benefit of cost saving.

Our IT staff augmentation services can address your special and seasonal demands and help you minimize the cost involved in hiring permanent employees. We provide you qualified and experienced personnel suitable for your requirements, who will work exclusively for you from our offices.

Delivery Model
Our delivery models can be used to staff targeted projects with finite deadlines and ongoing maintenance and support projects. Our offshore delivery model, onsite delivery model and hybrid delivery model structures are designed to meet unique client requirements. Whether outsourcing is part of your strategy for cost reduction, or you wish to use offshore or outsourcing resources to supplement your operations, there is a delivery model to meet your need.
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Quality Policy
We believe quality is defined by our customers. The direct measure of how well we are delivering on our quality commitment is the degree to which we meet our customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations. Our customers' success is the most important factor in our long-term success.
"Strategic Solutions and Resources (SSR Technologies) is committed to satisfying our customers by meeting or exceeding agreed upon requirements and expectations."
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